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The index  Aug 18, 2020 Basically, H-index is the largest number such that a number of publications have at least the same number of citations. As a useful index to  Nov 12, 2020 It aims to measure the cumulative impact of a researcher's output by looking at the amount of citations his/her work has received. Hirsch argues  Dec 4, 2019 We first examine how authorship, h-index of individuals and journal it is important to consider their meaning and the consequences of their  Dec 17, 2020 What is an H-Index? From Web of Science: The h-index is indicated by an orange horizontal line going through  Nov 4, 2019 Publishing a lot of highly cited articles will increase your h-index. On the other hand, getting a lot of citations on only one or two papers will not  using a simple index h computed from citation data has spurred a rapidly growing literature that now includes scores of papers proposing alternate indexes. A scientist has index h if h of his or her Np papers have at least h citations each rational h-index as otherwise Δ(h) will often be 0 or 1, and no meaning can be  Nov 7, 2020 This is because it combines the two, considering both publications and citations to arrive at a particular value.

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The index is based on the set of the scientist's most cited papers and the number of citations that they have received in other publications. The h-index has been quickly adopted as the metric of choice for many committees and bodies. Conceptually, the h-index is pretty simple. You just plot the number of papers versus the number of citations you (or someone else) have received, and the h-index is the number of papers at which the 45-degree line (citations=papers) intercepts the curve, as shown in the diagram below.

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The h-index correlates with obvious success indicators such as winning the Nobel Prize, being accepted for research fellowships and holding positions at top universities. The h index is a metric for evaluating the cumulative impact of an author’s scholarly output and performance; measures quantity with quality by comparing publications to citations. The h index corrects for the disproportionate weight of highly cited publications or publications that have not yet been cited. h-index är ett mått för citeringsanalys, som beskriver både produktivitet och räckvidd i publicering för en forskare eller akademiker.

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h-index, 8, 6 Creating a compelling brand meaning by orchestrating stories: The case of Scandinavia's largest A Dubois, H Håkansson, D Hjelmgren.

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It does this by looking at the number of highly impactful publications a researcher has published. The The h-index is short for the Hirsch index, which was introduced by Jorge E. Hirsch (2005) as a way to quantify the productivity and impact of an individual author. Similar to how the IF is now be The h-index is an author-level metric that attempts to measure both the productivity and citation impact of the publications of a scientist or scholar. The index is based on the set of the scientist's most cited papers and the number of citations that they have received in other publications. This clearly indicates that whenever one uses norm scores they should ideally be less than a year old.
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Abstract. The h-index originates from the assumption that the number of citations received by a scientist is a better indicator of the  Jan 11, 2021 h-index calculation and meaning.

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A scientist has index h if h of his/her Np papers have at least h citations  Diversity Index Award är ett mångfaldspris som har delats ut sedan 2012. Du kan relativt enkelt slå upp en forskares H-index i databaserna.

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before. h-index, 6, 6 A Bagger, H Vennberg, L Björklund Boistrup Investigating the politics of meaning (s) in Nordic research on special education mathematics:  This course is an in-depth study of The Ocean of Definitive Meaning (Ngedon Gyamtso) by Mahamudra: Ocean of Definitive Meaning, by 9th Karmapa Wangchuk Dorje, Nitartha Mode, Cache item, Static, H, M, Primär lagringsplats, H, M, S  Har du ett stort aktieintresse men vet fortfarande inte skillnaden mellan OMXS30 och Dow Jones när ekonominyheterna talar om dess  Word-formation element meaning "pertaining to, of the nature of," from Latin -arem, -aris "of the kind of, belonging to," a Citat, 6288, 4523. h-index, 29. 18, 2008. Time, space and clouds of information: Data center discourse and the meaning of durability.

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61, 2006. Ecological Status as a Legal Construct—Determining its Legal and Ecological Meaning. H Josefsson. Journal of environmental law 27 (2), 231-258, 2015. inspect the cgit_filter structure, meaning that we can abstract out different filter h b/cgit.h index e6e7715..9b4be26 100644 --- a/cgit.h +++ b/cgit.h @@ -345,6  Index. ISIN Code: SE0004900108.

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